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Protect your equipment from germs and bacteria

On average, we touch our faces 23 times an hour and our smartphones more than 2000 times a day. At a time when hygiene is more important than ever, preparing yourself to stop responding to these impulses could save lives - which is not so easy because we do it without thinking. Aquapac's waterproof cell phone cases are an excellent way to avoid cross-contamination between hands, phone and face and to reduce the likelihood of dangerous germs being brought home from work and vice versa.

The sleeves are available in different sizes that are suitable for any smartphone, tablet or radio. They are sealed watertight so that you can insert a disinfected device in the case and close it. This prevents bacteria or germs from touching your phone directly.

Aquapac sleeves are 100% waterproof and allow you to continue using your device as you normally would, including speaking and listening, taking photos and videos, and using touchscreens. The sleeves are also great for protecting keys, inhalers, medical devices and cards. The contactless function of your card even works in the case.

When you have finished your activity outside, at work or wherever and come to a safe environment, simply wash your hands and the Aquapac case thoroughly with soap. Then take out your device and use it as usual.

You can see how easy it is here.

You can find our smartphone cases here, tablet cases here

But first of all: Stay healthy!

100% waterproof - 26 years Aquaman

Have you ever fought with a water damage on your smartphone, tablet & co.? In addition to the expensive device, especially data loss had to complain? Even if the manufacturer referred to this or that "water resistance"?

If you want to escape this anger, you are right in our shop for 100% water and dustproof bags, bags and backpacks. For 26 years, we are specialized in waterproofing and the market leader. Aquapac ™ with its special closure system Aquaclip ™ is synonymous with waterproof bags, that are submersible to ten meters. Thanks to our TPU foil, your device remains fully operable: the touch screen works.

Professional users such as emergency services, police, military, DLRG, water rescue services, nursing services, laboratories or sailing and surfing schools also use Aquapacs.

In addition to Aquapac ™, you will find products from other well-known manufacturers such as Aryca ™ or Dicapac ™, waterproof flashlights from Spotlight ™ or Spiderpodiums from Breffo®.

We are the exclusive distributor for Aquapac ™ for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


50 % on most Arcya waterproof cases. And some others too

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