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Extras & Spares

Worried about humidity and condensation? Need to fix a hole in an Aquapac waterproof case? Looking for a most flexible mounting system? Then look no further!

Spiderpodium for Pads / Tablets

Sale: instead of 34,90! Patented bracket with eight fully flexible "spiderbones" for attaching a tablet or other smaller devices

Spiderpodium Smartphone

patented bracket with eight fully flexible "spiderbones" for attaching the smartphone or other smaller devices in any position

Spiderpodium Adventure Camera Kit

flexible, lightweight tripod for your digital camera. Or your smartphone


easy to form gumstick for positioning your smartphone

Earphone Tidy

Offer: instead of 6,50 €!. Rewinder for long cables. Never again "Kabelsalat" at the head

Floating Lanyard

Offer! Instead of 8 €: keeps your case on the water surface

7,00 € *


Offer: instead 11,90 €. Live Saver for your smartphone in case of water damage

10,00 € *


neopren-case with zipper and belt

20,00 € *

Waterproof Headphones

for our cases 518 or 519

45,00 € *

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