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About us

Aquapac-Aquaman Deutschland GmbH:

Since 1994 we are on our way with waterproof cases. And since then we have been the exclusive Aquapac distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We have established the name ‘Aquapac’ as a synonym for waterproof cases. Aquapac is worldwide market leader in waterproof cases. They are sold all over the world.

Since 2012, we have positioned ourselves wider and distribute more waterproof cases from other manufacturers such as Aryca™ or Dicapac™. These bags are as well absolutely water - and dust-proof. They are certified to the highest industry standards - like the Aquapac™.

But what are the best waterproof cases if they cannot be fixed? Besides the above mentioned manufacturers’ own solutions, we have therefore taken over the exclusive distribution for Breffo™ in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: completely flexible mountings that significantly expand the capabilities of our cases, and of course all electronic equipment.

And: Who wants to be standing in the dark when traveling? Our wide glowing LED flashlights Spotlight™ ensure that you are always safely on the road and find your way. Of course, the LED lights are waterproof, too.

And finally: Where the cases are in use, condensation may form due to temperature differences. Here our desiccant sachets Wisepac™ are in demand. They absorb moisture and ensure that no damage to camera, cell phone & Co. occurs. But we can also keep freight containers dry. Or wind turbines.

Before Google

Our shop has been in the net for about 20 years now. 4 years before Google was founded. We had one of the first online-shops in Germany. Search engines were happy to have found us.

For your satisfaction

As you can see we take care of our products for years now. We stay in contact with our customers and look for the best solutions every time. For most of our customers the waterproof cases are innovative solutions for work and leisure. The feedback – positive and (rare) negative – shows us that we are on the right track.


Supplier to the industry

Special orders from the industry or large amounts are no problem. Or waterproof case, Breffos and Spotlights with your company logo printed for campaigns or events. Even foils in other colours – your company colour – can be done. The same goes for our desiccant sachets. Telekom, Viag Intercom, debitel, e-plus, NTTDoCoMo of Japan, Siemens-Nixdorf, Motorola, Nokia, Canon, Kodak, Mitsubishi, Renault, Volvo and Yamaha are among our customers.

Our Service for you

All customers are equal. We meet every challenge. If you order until 1.30 pm your order will leave our house the same day. If it’s later and you need your Aquapac as soon as possible please send us a message. We have already sent an Aquapac to the airport because a customer wanted to take it necessarily on his dive trip to the Maldives and had forgotten to order. Worked out really well.

What is our Philosophy?

We just do little advertising. Therefore, the chances are good that you came to us by mouth-to-mouth-propaganda and recommendations. So our reputation is our future. We cannot afford to have dissatisfied customers.
The following applies:
We make products for you that we ourselves would like to own. And we treat you as a customer the way we want to be treated as customers.


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